The generally moist U.K. climate provides ideal conditions for slugs and snails and the damage they cause in gardens is serious.

If your garden appears to be a slug and snail heaven, SnailTrap is a great help.

SnailTrap is a purpose-made trap that is harmless to children, pets, birds and wildlife as it doesn’t contain any poisons. As it is not open at the top, it is less likely that beneficial garden bugs will fall in. Place the trap on a plain and shadowy place on the ground.

This trap is excellent and very effective. As slugs love good quality beer (but are terrible swimmers) simply pour most of a small bottle (300ml) of beer into the trap and the slugs will drown (deliriously happy presumably!). When the trap is full, tip the trap on its side and the liquid will run out, leaving the slugs. You then just pick up the bag and bin it. You will never have to touch the slimy little things again. Come in packs of 8.


  • Slugs are most active after dark or in wet weather.
  • One of the tell-tale signs of slugs in your garden, are the slime trails they leave behind.
  • Unlike snails, slugs remain active throughout the year.


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SnailTrap (Pack of 8)
With this brilliant non-toxic snail trap you will NEVER have to touch the snails. It is safe to t..
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